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About Us

Sonia Stradiotto is the Designer, CEO, founder and creative director, of Sonia Stradiotto Couture which has evolved from her Bliss Fashion Emporium retail and wholesale Fashion Brand. She is an Independent Consultant. (Dip Retail Man) (Multi Award Winning Designer and Optus Young Hero Small Business winner) stylist, fashion councilor and innovator in her industry.

In 2015, Sonia celebrated 25 years in business on the Gold Coast, with a national (and global) clientele. The milestone was marked with a gala charity runway show, which commemorated her journey from humble beginnings into the profitable business it is today, embracing wholesale, retail, private commissions, and export for the Australian Fashion Industry.

Sonia Stradiotto is a true business achiever and a visionary in the cutthroat sphere of fashion, staking her claim in a niche segment, determined to keep alive the art of bespoke tailoring in the 21st century.

Her retail brands lead in a world where most imitate. Sonia stands firm in her commitment to cater to women’s needs. She specialises in cultural sensitivity, anti-aging body contour technology, importing unique fabrics from all quarters of the world to offer a product that is finely crafted and customised for her loyal clientele.

Sonia’s customer base comprises celebrities, A-listers, prominent business women, high profile Youth Ambassadors, discerning women looking for statement items and increasingly, clients with special needs, including those recovering from or battling cancer.

With almost three decades of experience, and a slew of awards, Sonia embarks on her bravest collection yet for 2018.

Through economic cycles, rising above trends and fads, emerging phoenix-like from the GFC, Sonia is Queensland business success story.

What Sonia’s clients value most about her is her ability to deliver on creative collaborations, with distinctive flair, integrity and confidentiality.

Her words, with an ease and expression unique to Sonia, convey her absolute priorities: family, friends, career.

“Being a mother is my greatest achievement and best education in the school of life. My family empower me with love and support and this gives me the energy to strive for greater outcomes. Success comes from love and I am fortunate to be surrounded in my home and business by Love. I receive much joy in giving my creative talents and passion to those people whose pathways cross mine. I see my career and business achievements as a colourful road trip where I integrate culture, fantasy, history, colour, texture, style and shape into creations that build relationships – memories that endure in our hearts and minds.”

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